About Me
I have been interested in photography since my junior year in college.One of my brothers sent me a camera from overseas in 1969. It was really for him, but he lost interest in it rather quickly and passed it down to me.  I took a fancy to it and was known on campus at Clark Atlanta University as "The Man With The Camera." The camera and I were inseperable and eventually I learned to process and develop the pictures on my own.  Basically, I was self-taught in photography until several years after college when I enrolled in a correspondence course as a student at The New York Institute of Photography.  There I learned how to use my eye and some other techniques which, to this day, I still use. My work does not require me to have a studio and because of my traveling, I guess you could call me a "on location photographer".
I enjoy taking photojournalistic, events, and nature photographs.  My photos have been featured in numerous magazines and newspapers throughout the country. I am easy to work with and have been blessed to have a number of faithful and very satisfied clients.
Email me at hhenry5675@aol.com.  I would love to talk with you to find out if we could possibly work together.